Strancally Castle, Old and New.

The original Strancally Castle, located on the western bank of the river between Ballinaclash and Coolbagh piers, was built by Raymond le Gros, a cousin of Norman Invader Strongbow, in the 12th century. By the 16th century it was occupied by Spaniards who were said to have lured local landowners to a banquet in the castle and then dropped them through a secret trapdoor into a flooded cave. Eventually the Spanish were routed & the castle was destroyed.

New Strancally Castle, is located a few miles downstream from the towns of #Lismore and #Cappoquin. The current building was designed and built around 1830 by James & George Pain for John Kiely MP for Clonmel & High Sheriff of Co. Waterford. Not to be outdone, John Kiely’s brother Arthur Kiely-Ussher set about building his own castle in Lismore, only to run out of money and leave behind The Ballysaggartmore Towers as a monument to his folly. New Strancally was built as a dwelling house and has no serious defensive structures. On the estate are the ruins of a previous Norman castle. In 1856, it was an estate of 5000 acres and was acquired by George Whitelocke Lloyd of a wealthy Anglo-Irish manufacturing family.

In 2007 the castle was renovated and given a contemporary extension, you can see some images of the stunning architecture here  ➡️

Images include those taken by photographer Robert French (principle photographer of the Lawrence Collection, a collection of 40,000 glass plate negatives taken by from 1870-1914). Check out the collection at National Library of Ireland