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Enjoy our tranquil river and forest trails

Stroll with nature along the banks of the river, or through Dromana Wood.

If you love nothing more than getting out into the fresh air and exploring nature, on your break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you are going to love the two leisurely looped walks, The Dromana Wells Walk and the Sailors Rock Walk, at Villierstown.

Villierstown Map

Dromana Wells Walk

Dromana Wells Walk (2km, 40 mins, easy, red) is a waymarked looped walk that meanders through Dromana Wood. Situated adjacent to the majestic River Blackwater, Dromana once formed part of the Villiers-Stuart estate, which had over 40,000 acres of land, and has a variety of beautiful woodland habitats and magnificent views.

Amongst the wildlife you can expect to see in Dromara are Deer, Foxes, red squirrels, and badgers. However, it is also a paradise for bird watchers; as well as seeing many common woodland birds such as tits, thrushes, and finches, you’ll also have the chance to see birds of prey such as the Kestrel Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, and even the White-Tailed Eagle, all of which have been spotted here.

The Sailors Rock Trail

The Sailors Rock Trail (1km, 30 mins, easy, blue) can be accessed both from Villierstown village as well as from the pier. It is a looped woodland walk that takes in sections of the species-rich alluvial woodland beside the Blackwater River and a stand of Douglas fir. There are also great opportunities to view a wide variety of bird species on the river.

This walk is a tree-lovers paradise; you will encounter sycamore, beech, oak, fern, and ash trees along this trail, while you will also see many water birds such as grey herons, cormorants, gulls, and different species of ducks.

Villierstown Map